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Reflejos exhibits four musicians' artistic experiences, who, searching for new sound, continually explore diverse musical scenes and cultures without completely committing themselves to one genre.

Flamenco singing meets modern harmony, diverse rhythms, virtuous lines and jazzy improvisations. With instinctive feel for different styles Reflejos present their program “Al Aire” (into the air) and bring a new kind of Flamenco onto stage.


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Al Aire: bestellen

Travel Diaries

EDITH LETTNER – Alt&Sopran-Saxophon


It would be accurate to say these two gifted Austrian jazz musicians accumulated inspiration by traveling, studying and performing with great musicians from all over the world. Beate and Edith perform their original compositions, which reflect their eclectic musical experiences and provide a kaleidoscopic basis for improvisation and dynamic interplay. Their current program was developed during their recent tour in Spain – melodic jazz influenced by African, Latin, Flamenco and Middle Eastern music.

past projects

Haydi, Hleb &Geißenmöuch


Musical theater production by Jeunesse, directed by S. Ostertag. Based on Spyri's novel Heidi, six artists of diverse origins take the audience on a journey through different cultures reflecting about the meaning of home.

Jelena Popržan (Viola, voc), Maria Petrova (Perc), Beate Reiermann (Guit.), Ulrike Müllner (Vl), Vera Rausch (Sax) und Michèle Rohrbach (actress, voc).  director: Ostertag



Jazz, World, songs, grooves, improvisation

Jessica Slavik (Voc), Beate Reiermann (Guit) Lina Neuner (Db)

Ensemble Roya

Kurdish and Turkish songs in modern arrangements

Sengül Cinkilic – Voc, Vera Rausch – Sax, Ulrike Müllner -Viol.,  Beate Reiermann – Guit., Lina Neuner – Db, Maria Petrova – Dr.

Oficina Art Vienna

World Music Orchestra directed by Alegre Correa

Album: OficinaArtVienna: out now!

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