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Reflejos (AT/ES/BGR) reflects four musicians' artistic knowledge, who, searching for new sound, continually explore diverse musical scenes and cultures without exclusively committing  to any particular genre.

Flamenco singing merges with modern harmonies, diverse rhythms, virtuous lines and jazzy improvisations. With an instinctive feel for different styles Reflejos present their program “Al Aire” (in-/to the air) and bring a new kind of Flamenco onto stage.

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"Reflejos is setting their foundations on flamenco, although they are ambitious and successful on reaching their own style, in a sensible crossover with other traditions which were somehow connected in past history." (Pio Fernandez, Folkworld)

Canto a la luna

Wind Chimes at "Das Dorf"

Reflejos: Por Tangos at Fania Live

Walk with me


After finishing her studies at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna guitarist and composer Beate Reiermann expands her skills during numerous international visits, study trips and collaborations with musicians globally. Jazz, classical as well as Latin and Oriental music influence her style, until her passion for flamenco guitar brought her to study it in Spain at ESMUC Barcelona.

At the conservatory she meets the flamenco singer Anna Casado Colao, who, after living several years in Granada, one of Spain's flamenco centers moves back to Barcelona to study flamenco singing with Chiqui de la Línea. Also Anna's personal style is also marked by influences of jazz, Oriental music and by her journeys along the Mediterranean Sea till Israel.

In Barcelona the two musicians start a project that mirrors all these experiences: Reflejos (Reflections).

In Vienna the violinist Paul Dangl joins in as an already successful musician and bandleader. After studying jazz violin at Klagenfurt conservatory he worked in diverse projects from jazz to world music and folk.

Finally Maria Petrova, University of Music Vienna graduate and successful drummer in the Austrian pop and world music scene, completes the quartet. Maria assures rhythmic variety on diverse instruments, such as the cajon, common to flamenco, the oriental frame drums and the darbuka.

The collaboration of these eclectic musicians results in their debut album “Al Aire”



Album "Al Aire":

Reflejos reflects four musicians’ divers multicultural artistic knowledge, and blows

their joint creations into the air.

Flamenco singing merges with modern harmonies, diverse rhythms, virtuous lines

and jazzy improvisations.

Catalan singer Anna Casado Colao knows how to use her voice the traditional

flamenco way, as she learned from the gitanos in Andalusia and fine tuned at

Barcelona conservatory. She adds her personal style to tradition, with influences

of jazz, Oriental and Sephardic music, and approaches audiences in a humorous

and temperamental way.

Music that transcend typical genre boundaries connects Anna with Viennese guitarist Beate Reiermann, whose playing combines different styles instead of fixating on just one  fully committing to one only. Fascinated by jazz and classical, as well as by Latin and Oriental music, her passion for flamenco guitar finally brings her to study in Spain. In Barcelona she develops the project “Reflejos”, as well as most of compositions for her debut album “Al Aire” (in-/to the air)

This term, also used in flamenco guitar technique, stands for creating something new, in a personal, improvised and therefore non-traditional way. The original compositions on "Al Aire" combine flamenco elements with jazz and Oriental music, merging rhythms, styles and sounds.

Violinist Paul Dangl, graduates in jazz violin studies, to then play in several projects from jazz to world and folk music.  With a skillful technique and intuitive feeling for folkloric music he adds jazzy improvisations and dynamic highlights to the ensembles' sound.

The fourth member and well known drummer in the Austrian world and popular music scene, Bulgarian percussionist Maria Petrova, provides rhythmic diversity, as much on the flamenco typical cajon as on oriental frame drums and darbuka.

On "Al Aire" these four eclectic musicians come together to create a new sound and a new kind of flamenco.

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Anna Casado Colao:

Flamenco singing

Beate Reiermann:


Paul Dangl:


Maria Petrova:


"...7 Eigenkompositionen intoniert sie hier gefühlvoll und frisch- gemäß dem luftigen Albumtitel. Zusammen mit einer spanischen Sängerin, die auch flamencofernere Register zu ziehen weiß, einer vielseitgien Perkussionistin und einem nicht minder ausdrucksstarken Geiger" (K.Wilke, Folker Magazin)
Al Aire
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