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Travel Diaries (Juan C. Gomez Villamor).

Edith Lettner: alto & soprano saxophone, duduk

Beate Reiermann: acoustic & electric guitar

Beate Reiermann and Edith Lettner were both influenced and inspired by their international travels, intense study and projects with outstanding musicians from all over the world. In their duo project TRAVEL DIARIES, begun in 2015, Edith and Beate play their own compositions. These reflect their diverse musical experiences and provide a colorful basis for improvisation and dynamic interplay. Like the lingering scents in well seasoned luggage, aspects of African, Latin American and Spanish music as well as sounds and rhythms from the Middle East, Anatolia and the Caucasus have wafted into the jazzy diary entries. This potpourri of musical elements provides a never-ending source of creativity for these two extremely agile, full-blooded musicians.

In 2020 they invited the dynamic percussionist and drummer Maria Petrova to enrich their upcoming CD with her diverse array of instruments. Maria is one of the most versatile and sought-after percussionists in and outside Austria, and she was perfect for this project with its wide-ranging rhythms and grooves.

Edith Lettner: alto & soprano sax., duduk

Beate Reiermann: electr. & acoustic guitar

Maria Petrova: drums & percussion



Edith Lettner: alto&soprano saxophone
Beate Reiermann: acoust.&electr. guitar

Maria Petrova: drums, percussion

label : Artdialogue
sales: Preiser Records
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